Eunhyuk & IU crazy marriage rumors

Seriously. This is the absurdest rumor of this year so far. When will crazy, baseless speculations regarding Eunhyuk and IU stop? Apparently K-netizens can’t get enough of this couple so they keep searching for information. Well, folks there’s nothing to begin with so how to get them back on the front cover of every tabloid? Simple. Just start a stupid rumor that no one would believe any way.

Isn’t this “scandal” like, so last year?  Please, people. Get a life and let poor Eunhyuk and IU live theirs.

Here’s the selca for you to go over and reminisce about the long, lost, happy times. 😦


I hope this makes your day.

Maybe your days would get better after Eunhyuk gets shipped to the army and then the fans/antis can come up with stories like “IU still misses Eunhyuk” or like, “IU is waiting for her love to return. Marriage plans postponed until further notice”. How KEWL.


Yay. Time for celebrations.


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