UPDATE: I am more addicted to Kpop!

Hey guys. I’ve been MIA for so long. Exams, college and end of semester always keeps me busy. Probably just this time around I was a bit more busier, I guess? Within the past two months I have broadened my choice in Kpop and now I listen to it full time. I seriously seem to have stopped listening to English songs completely (okay, maybe not completely, but still). So within the past couple of months during every spare minute I had I took opportunities to listen to (and grow to love) SHINee, Super Junior, 2PM, 2NE1, BigBang, U-Kiss, Sistar, BoA and a few others that I listened to but didn’t like as much. Not just that, I now like Kpop for its music more than anything else. I think it’s one of the most wonderful things I ever discovered. I have been enjoying Kpop for close to a year now but before this year I was limited to very few groups. Now I enjoy a wide variety of music. So I thought I should share my love for the mentioned groups with every one.


  • SHINee


The reason for putting off this group for so long was *ahem* Choi Minho. I saw him in the drama To the Beautiful You last year and he didn’t impress me much. Well- what can I say? His acting skills aren’t very convincing. All I had to give SHINee a chance and I became a Shawol instantly.






Now, SHINee is in my top 3 favorite groups EVER. When I first listened to ‘Sherlock’ out of boredom, I expected nothing. However they blew me away. Really. Fantastic choreography, a catchy tune, visually appealing video and the talent to sing, dance and rap equally well HAD to lure me in forever. How could it not? 😉 For me, a group must be good in every way- visually, in playback and while performing live. SHINee has it all. There’s no reason to criticize it. In fact, I can say that SHINee has the least number of things to criticize about them. For me they are one of the best Kpop groups to exist. I’d like to add one more thing here: I think fans have been mean to their comeback with ‘Why so Serious’. I think it’s a great song though I did miss Jonghyun in it. I think Taemin sang very well on the track.


My biases: Onew, Key & Taemin


P.S. I am a greedy fangirl. I can never have one ultimate bias.




Again. I admit I was a 바보 (pabo, means fool in Korean) to think that just because the name of a group was lame, it would be lame too. I did like their song ‘Sorry, Sorry’ when I listened to it ages ago but I never bothered to watch the video. When I did, all I thought was ‘Aaah. Nice choreography, but who is who? Oh! That’s Siwon…. Mmmm he looks better than he does in dramas’.




Siwon was the only member I knew apart from Donghae and Eunhyuk (*hint** IU scandal *hint*). I guess these guys are too popular, you know? Anyway, I FREAKING LOVE their main singers and dancers to death. Like, seriously. I follow the members on Twitter and watch every variety show they’ve been on every day. I have a lot to catch up on but I guess I have done enough already. They have great personalities and they are (most of them) hell attractive and count in my ‘Ideal Guys’ now. Okay, not just their personalities but I love their music too. Their tunes are catchy and their main singers are hard to beat. Even the main dancers are hard to beat. They are a group of talented guys. I love what SM does with Super Junior. It’s really great. In fact thanks to SHINee and Super Junior, I view SM differently now. I believe it’s a smart (evil) company that produces the best in Kpop.


My biases: Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Leeteuk, Siwon and Sungmin.


P.S. Super Junior makes me more greedy to have multiple biases.


  • 2NE1

Ever since I’ve been into Kpop I always wanted to watch girly MVs. The music always mattered to me, but as I said I was more into enjoying the girly stuff Kpop has (SNSD, Kara). The first song I listened to of 2NE1 was ‘I am the Best’ and didn’t like anything about it- too much of electronic sound, the visual appeal or their fashion. I gave this group another chance a month ago and now I find that I love these members so much! Somehow, ‘I am the Best’ still remains to be my least favorite song by them but I love the other music that they did.




I now like them for exactly who they are- with their electronic sound, rapping skills and their eccentric sense in fashion. They are so different from mainstream Kpop girl groups that I think it’s great. It makes them stand out in a good way. They prove that ‘aegyo’ isn’t what girls need all the time. You can be bold ladies and sing and rap all you want and have the I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude. 2NE1 for me is real music, real artists and coolness.


My biases: Bom & CL (yo, baby!)



  • BigBang

BigBang is still not my favorite group but I definitely love their music. For me their style is a bit weird but when I watch their MVs or listen to them, I don’t judge them by what I don’t like about them. I instead focus on the very, very awesome voice that each member has. Like, no kidding. They put whole of Kpop at a level below them if I judge them by just their voices. That’s how much I like the deep, sexy sound each member seems to possess.


BIGBANG Terry Richardson-8


My Biases? Um. I don’t have in this group. All the guys are same to me. I just might like T.O.P. a bit more and GD a little less.





I didn’t like their sexy image and butt moves initially. I am used to the “cool” or “cutesy” girl groups so Sistar took some time to get used to. However, I think it’s a decent group. They all look pretty and have good talent of singing. Even their sub-unit is pretty good. I won’t say I am a very big fan of them but I came to appreciated them more compared to other girl groups I tried listening to recently. They just seem a lot better to me when I compare them to the groups that I don’t particularly like.




My bias: Hyorin, of course!


  • 2PM


Again. It turns out that I dropped the idea of liking this group after listening to just one song. I seriously need to stop doing that, right? Haha. ‘Hands Up’ was a catchy number but it was lacking… in way. Recently when I heard of their comeback, I thought of giving them a chance after listening to a fan of theirs gush about their new MV on the radio. Then- bingo! I am obsessed with 2PM. They are the Hottest guys of Kpop, hands down and along with that very talented too.




They have really nice voices and I am genuinely surprised at their dancing skills. Like, each member is great at dancing and singing/rapping. I personally prefer the current 2PM that the one from the days of ‘Again and Again’. I fell for their mature image in their comeback singles ‘Comeback When You Hear this Song’ and ‘A.D.T.O.Y.’. Both songs are catchy, the members show good singing skills and they look sexy like beasts. LOL. I am a HOTTEST too, you can probably tell.


My biases: Wooyoung, Chansung & Nichkhun


내가 KPOP을 좋아!!!

I love KPOP!


That’s all I can say.


I hope you enjoyed reading. 🙂



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