Update on stuff and my new Kindle!

Hi, guys.


I kind of suck at this blogging thing but I still do it any way. I’ve been busy with loads of college work like assignments and yadda yadda. I’ve been watching a few Asian dramas which I am not necessarily enjoying. If you care, I’m watching Ikemen Desu Ne, In Time With You, Mars, Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo and Dream High 2. Out of these ITWY and Mars are the only decent dramas. Rest are kind of boring. I think I will have to stop watching Dream High 2 completely because it puts me to sleep and the cast is horrible.


The real reason why I am updating is because I want to share a might good news. I finally bought my first ever Kindle Fire! Yay. Now my life is complete and I am so, so happy that I got it. Now I get to save a lot of money on books and they will also be instantly available to me. That’s just plain awesome. Thanks to whoever invented this thing. I am freaking happy over it. I also realized I am a tad bit late to have bought it but hey- better late than never.


Welcome me to the Kindle owners club! 🙂


Comment on it!

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