My Lizzie Bennet Diaries Obesession!

I admit I’ve known about Lizzie Bennet Diaries for quite a while. I probably tried watching it about 2-3 months ago?! I watched for like, two minutes and concluded that it was lame. There was no way a girl calling herself Lizzie be able to tell the whole story of Pride and Prejudice and do it proper justice. I am a massive fan of the book and Elizabeth & Darcy happen to be my most favorite couple in the world. They have the best love story possible and it is real, true love. Yup. So now you can see why I was worrying about this vlog-styled web series.




Now I think I was such an idiot for missing out on this insanely addicting show. The web series does great, awesome, right justice to the book. The characters are just as real and the romantic dynamics remain just as they are. They are only presented in a modern way. I love all the characters in it and the fact is that Lizzie never bores me! I always assumed it would be boring watching every single episode with the same person talking on and on. However, it is so well done that it entertains me every damn frigging episode.




I had like 107 videos uploaded so far to watch and I started them last night and now I’m almost done! I marathoned through it and it was crazy. Crazy great and uplifting. Not crazy bad.


My thoughts? Every one is funny and entertaining. I love Lizzie, Jane, Charlotte, Lydia, Bing, Gigi (or is it Gege?), Caroline, DARCY (yay!!!). Go watch it now and be obsessed! Like ME.


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