Pretty Little Liars Season 3: Finale Review + Thoughts on the entire season

First and foremost I am a big fan of PLL. I started watching this show after the Spring finale of last year and have been an avid fan since then. The first two seasons were the best teen television show I’ve ever watched. Not only that, this is a show where there’s lots of mystery and I love shows that can make me think. However, the third season was probably the weakest season of PLL so far.


The season premiere of Season 3 was a bit off. I suppose being PLL I expected much more. It didn’t suck but the overall season was perhaps a bit off and on lots of times. It started six months after Mona was locked in the nuthouse (Radley). The best part of the ending of Season 2 had been the introduction of Red Coat.


I have a list of pros and cons for this season.


The Pros:


The Red Coat Mystery



I am more than sure it is definitely Alison who’s the Red Coat. Whoever has seen the finale believes that, unless proved otherwise. Other than that, I found this impending mystery that was teased all season long to be the best part. I love Alison’s character and any scene with Sasha Pieterse in it wins me over. She’s too good and makes the show so much more enjoyable. With the finale’s revelation I think I have to rewatch the entire thing. 😀


Toby in Team-A




Just when I started thinking that TobAy’s character was growing stale, he was revealed to be a part of the A-Team. I always believed he has good intentions. I never thought he could be dead either. There’s still lots to be explained as to how, why, when he joined the Team but till then it’s good to know that he is a double agent and is siding with the Liars.


Spencer Hastings




Spencer’s been my favorite character since the beginning but this season she’s made it at a level much higher than the other Liars. Troain Bellisario’s acting was so wonderful that it was literally the best of her PLL career. Be it the normal sleuthing, breaking down, going crazy, crying or turning over to the dark side- this season’s best part was Spencer.


Radley Sanitarium




I love the nuthouse. It has so many mysteries and I am sure it has answers as well. It’s connected to Alison, the A-team, was home to Mona and Spencer and TobAy was always in and out of this place. And it’s made its appearance in my favorite PLL episode- the Season 2 Halloween flashback episode. This season it served as a plot device for lots of things.


Introduction of Cece




I thought Cece was catty and delicious. A lot like Alison. I was definitely interested in her connection with Ali. I suppose she’s the one who died in the end. Or, she left town truly like we saw her do.


Detective Wilden




I am not kidding. As much as I hate Wilden I find his scenes to be unintentionally funny. Him getting run down by a car was the hilarity at the highest (I know I’m terrible, kill me). I don’t think I’ve ever laughed at anything in PLL so much. ROFL.


The break-up of Ezria




Am the only one who is so bored with Ezria that it has reached the point of indifference? This is one romantic relationship I’ve hated from the beginning but as soon as I realized that it was not gonna go away I made peace with it. I can’t imagine Aria without Ezra’s constant presence and that makes her look weak. Plus, they’ll always be student-teacher to me. BORING. Thanks, Marlene King for breaking them up (even if for a short while).






Mona did a great job this season. Be it being mum, being crazy or being a victim of A herself Mona does it great. I love her character after three whole seasons ( that’s how long it took for her to grow on me) but I think she is one of show’s best strengths now. Jannel Parrish- if you’re reading this let me tell you I like your role. 😀









He said he was Maya’s cousin. It was definitely one of the biggest WTF arcs of PLL ever. He was creepy and his acting was so corny that it made me laugh. I didn’t care a dime what happened to him in the end.


Malcolm, Maggie & Ezria




I hate this arc. I have no idea what purpose it served, but it was bland, boring and pointless. I didn’t give a crap about Ezra’s ex-girlfriend or the kid he has. I didn’t care that Aria didn’t babysit him properly and got hurt. My question is: So WHAT? Definitely the biggest con of this season.


Caleb’s daddy issues




Caleb’s uncle being his daddy turned out useful, how? I don’t get why they had to include this except for the fact that ‘A’ wrecked havoc again. It’s just an excuse to break Haleb up in the future after the truth comes out. Also, Caleb had nothing to give to the plot this time around.






I liked Wren till the last season. I totally shipped him with Spencer after she was single. But now what he is reduced to is someone Spencer and Hana can just cry on the shoulders of. This guy is very inconsistent with his feelings. First Melissa, then Spencer, then Hana and then Spencer again. Get him out or just give this guy something real!


Meredith’s madness




Crazy Meredith. What the hell was it about? Only thing that came out of it was Aria’s Alison hallucinAtion. I admit that bit was good. BTW is it just me who thought Meredith could be A for a splitting moment?




Questions in PLL I want answer to:

  • What happened the night Alison got murdered?
  • Is there a twin?
  • Is Mona trust worthy?
  • Is Toby telling the truth?
  • Why do the girls deserve being tortured?
  • Will we ever find out who ‘A’ is?


That’s all I can think of, folks!


For me Season 1 was a 5/5, Season 2 was 5/5 but Season 3 rounds up to around 4/5.


Thanks for reading. I sure miss PLL already. Can’t wait for June! 😀




































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