BOOK REVIEW: What Happened to Goobye by Sarah Dessen



I have never read any of Sarah Dessen’s works before but I’ve only heard good things about her books. Lots of them are popular and after I spotted ‘What Happened to Goodbye’ at my local library, I hurriedly issued it. However, this book was such a big snoozefest. I think I liked it till about the first 100 pages or so but from then on it was simply a struggle to finish it.

The main character Mclean (what a weird name, btw) is flat and has nothing to offer the reader. The blurb at the back of the books sounds great and I expected a great emotional journey but it was such a let down. Dave, at first seemed cute and interesting but as the story went deeper I got bored by him real quick. All of her side characters were also boring with the exceptions being Deb and Opal.

I like it when stories are character centric but we need something to spice things up too. Here is a novel without any interesting events and most of them lead nowhere. I felt very detached from the characters and couldn’t invest myself in again after I got off the track.

I don’t know what else to say. It is certainly not what I expected from my very first Sarah Dessen book. I am still going to read her other titles and then decide whether her works suit my taste at all or not. I suppose if I had been a fan of hers prior to reading this, it would have been a slightly better read for me. For now, it stands as disappointing.


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