Thoughts on LOST (till Season 4)

If you have been reading my LOST posts, last time you checked I was addicted to it. The addiction wore off a bit later and it took me more time to complete watching Season 4 than it did the previous ones. As much as I was looking forward to the flash forwards I felt like the story telling lost me. There was much too much happening in season 4 and there were more questions and fewer answers. However, I got time to think about it a little and watched the clip show called ‘Destiny Calls’ in which Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talking about the characters and recapped all the major events from Seasons 1 to 4.




Howsoever weird or off the show seemed at times, LOST can never get derailed completely. I have to say with each season the writers gave us something new. Season 1 was about surviving, Season 2 was about finding out new things like the Hatch and Others, Season 3 was about questioning who the bad guys were and who to trust and Season 4 was about wanting to get off the island. Now- what I love is how nicely the writers wrapped up the Flash Forwards and the current story line. The pieces which seemed so meaningless fit together with the ongoing plots is beyond amazing. I think the writing of this show was really at a level different than that of every other show I have ever seen. The creators, producers and writers of LOST are all genius. The direction is outstanding and every thing is so well done about it.




I have Seasons 5 & 6 left to watch but I am already aching for a rewatch. I believe I have missed out on the best parts by marathoning. This is the kind of show that one should take slow. And it is definitely among those that requires to be rewatched at least once or twice. LOST is the kind of show where the deeper you dig, the more you discover.


I can hardly say how glad I am to have watched this show. The next two seasons will be over in no time. I love this show to bits and pieces and will always remain dear to me.


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