People I Want to Meet Before I Die

Sure, there are lots of people from history that I would love to meet. Of course- that doesn’t mean there aren’t any alive people that I wouldn’t love to meet. I am including the ones that came to my mind while writing this. That means there are still lots of people I want to meet. So here we go:


  • J.K. Rowling




This lady is a genius. She’s the reason I love reading and writing so much. Sure, I’ve read lots of stories as a child but with Harry Potter she showed me how magic can be found in all ordinary things. She compelled me to think there really was a Hogwarts and a Wizarding World, after all! Plus, she inspired me to write- to pick up a pen and get those free flowing thoughts clearly on to paper. Call me at any time or any day to meet her and I will come rushing. She is one of my idols.


  • Jane Goodall




We have next to none women as great, curious or adventurous as Jane Goodall. She, according to me defines a true observer. She studied primates like they have never been done before. I would to go and watch her interact with those species in their habitation. I’d like to ask her what drives her to study the nature of animals and how she handles the fame and criticism she receives. Nevertheless, she is and will probably be one of the greatest women of Science.


  • Sir Paul McCartney




He’s one of The Beatles. Need I say more? Okay. That is a totally lame reason as to why I want to meet this legend. To me he is one of the most inspiring people around. He is an excellent vocalist, an exceptional and PHENOMENAL songwriter and a great musician. He is multi-talented. The thing I love most about him is his ability to take note of simple things and put them down onto paper in form of lyrics. The amateur lyricist I am in my spare time- he is one my inspirations behind it all.


  • Barack Obama




He is the President of United States. Who doesn’t know him, right? Well- I would to meet the man who is running such a big country. He got elected right during the time of the country’s recession and when the world was also getting affected. Apart from that the controversial US-Iraq relations, he handled it all. I would to visit the White House, have a cup of coffee and possibly have a chat with the person with so many responsibilities of a country and family- both.


  • Amitabh Bachchan




Not is he one of the greatest actors of Bollywood, but also a role model for many people in India. He has a talent of speaking and connecting with his audience, fans or viewers the way very few people can. When he speaks, the world listens. He has the power of captivating people and he makes you listen to what he is saying. Apart from that he is a learned person and does good to the society also.


  • Woody Allen




I consider him nothing short of genius. He is one of the finest filmmakers of Hollywood and has had several Oscar-winning films and roles. The way he comes up with original stories, writes them as screenplays and then directs them with equal perfection always awes me. I would definitely like to know where he gets such ideas from and how he strives to do such awesome work. (I hope you’re reading this, Woody. I want to tell you how great you are!)


  • Karan Johar




He is a well-known Bollywood director and has made several movies centering on youth and love. Karan is another man who seems to know what he is doing. His fascination and love of New York gets to me too. I love the way he makes his films and comes up with unique stories (though melodramatic). He is the one I would choose any random day to meet over a cup of coffee and talk about life and the people in general. He seems like a true gentleman in his talk show Koffee with Karan.


  • Chetan Bhagat




I think every young Indian looks up to Chetan Bhagat. He attended the top educational institutes of the country, majored in Business and then became an author. He inspires people to follow their dreams and never stop hoping. He is witty and possesses a sense of humor that most people would relate to. His books always offer a slice of life. Though I met him twice, I’ve never had the chance to go beyond, ‘Hello’. So, Chetan- join me over for lunch? Pretty please?


  • Oprah Winfrey




I’ve always admired Oprah. She is the greatest talk show host ever. At least for me. Plus, she symbolizes the power of women (especially Black women). I think she is a great role model and her philanthropy is also something to look up to in her. If I ever become a talk show host, I’ll always cite Oprah as my inspiration. Oh- and she has the power to make people cry. The stories on her show have always been so moving and emotion. She has the power to make an impact on people. I want to meet her if I can!


  • Brad Pitt




I have no legit reason for wanting to meet Brad Pitt except that I find him hot. Too hot. One of the hottest on this planet at least. Okay, I’m kidding. I think he has done some great humanitarian work along with Angelina Jolie. Also he has done very good roles in movies. He looks good all the time!


  • Taylor Swift




Boy-crazy star or not- she has some exceptional talent. I want to meet Taylor and ask her where her creativity comes from. The fact that she managed to capture the voice of a girl growing up and wrote her experiences in such ways that every girl can relate to. Taylor is the voice of young females everywhere. She tells us that ‘Look, you’re not the only one with crushes, boyfriends, break-ups, bad days. We all go through them. Here’s a song for you- just in case.” Taylor is a factory of talent. Her lyrics are exceptionally well-written and as I said- they capture the feelings perfectly.


  • Avril Lavigne




There was a time when teen age wasn’t about the wistfulness that Taylor Swift sings about. It was about getting frustrated and being hardcore. Avril is the woman who helped me while growing up. She always reminded me of how growing up is tough and sometimes life does suck, no matter what. Her songs and lyrics had an impact on me while growing up and I still listen to her constantly. As I grew up, she came out with more mature music. Underneath it all Avril is the same- she is real. I think it was Avril who was my very first inspiration to start writing songs that really brought out the good and bad in me. Her songs were like a friend to me who always understood me or spoke exactly what I felt like.


  • Tiffany Hwang




Tiffany is someone I want to meet because she seems so relatable. She packed her bags when she was 15 and moved to South Korea to follow her dreams. It gives the true meaning of ‘chasing your dreams’. She survived in a country with no one to turn to. Yet, she didn’t give up and worked hard to master the language she barely spoke. She improved as a singer and dancer. I love how she always says that we will always get back in return the equal amount of hard work we put into something. Also, she is constantly smiling which tells me that staying happy is the true way to conquer everything. I wish I can meet Miss Hwang someday as I’m one of her biggest admirers.


  • Meg Cabot




Meg Cabot gave me the perfect fictional friends I could ask for while growing up. I’ve read almost all her books and I have to say- she knows how to ring a bell in a teenager’s heart. She very well writes about the innocence and first love or equally ugly experiences we may have experienced in school. Not just that, she is a great blogger. Her pop culture references always entertain me and her witty one-liners are the best. Her books are easy to read and very good entertainers. A Meg Cabot book means you’ve signed up yourself for some fun time. So- I most definitely want to meet the woman behind the stories I love so much.


That’s all for now!


Have a nice day, y’all! 🙂


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