Taylor Swift- A boy crazy star?!

I have been a Taylor Swift fan ever since her debut in 2006 with her self-titled album. In fact, I have loved her music before a lot of my friends knew about her. So I have also followed her closely and relate to her songs. If you ask me- she is easily one of the best songwriters in the world right now. Her lyrics are absolute golden. I like writing lyrics as a pass time as well but I can never be as good as she is. So talent-wise I do not doubt Taylor Swift one bit.


However recently I find her songs getting a bit repetitive. I am always eager for her new albums to come out but it seems like she has been increasingly generalizing herself. I have been to several online forums and there are downright mean comments about her love life. Mostly it is up to her what she does in her personal life but I have to say…. Nowadays it seems like dating has become like something she does for material for her songs. It makes her seem boy crazy and a playgirl.


I decided to some research on all of her boyfriends and came up with some material.


  • Brandon Borello



She apparently wrote Tim McGraw about this guy. I don’t have much on him except that he was going away to college so they had to break up. All in all- it gave way for one of the best songs Taylor ever wrote.


  • A mysterious redneck


Taylor wrote Picture to Burn about a guy who was arrogant and never let her drive his truck. She said- “The guy I wrote this song about, I didn’t really ever ‘officially’ date. We almost dated. It really bothered me that he was so cocky and that’s where that song came from. After school, I would come into downtown. I had a publishing deal with Sony, and I would write songs every single day, exactly what I felt. I found myself just sitting there with my guitar going, ‘I hate his stupid truck that he doesn’t let me drive. He’s such a redneck! Oh my Gosh!’ That actually became the chorus to the song, so that’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written.”


Personally, I do like this song because the video is funny but I don’t find it cool how she seems to be threatening to write songs about people who will be mean to her. I wonder if she has never been mean before? How would it feel if people started writing songs on her left, right and center? I think Taylor’s ought to give some thought about others and be more forgiving. To me- knowing that she has written about someone because they didn’t behave well seems like she is not a very forgiving person. Ah, well. 


  • Drew Hardwick



Every one has heard about DREW. He is mentioned in the song Teardrops on My Guitar. This was a guy Taylor liked but he never had an idea she did. She said once that he came to her after the song was released and asked her out on a date. She declined, however.


  • Sam Armstrong



Taylor dated Sam years ago. After he cheated on her, they broke up and it gave way to the song Should’ve Said No. It’s a cool song and has powerful lyrics.


  • Joe Jonas



Taylor never denied the relationship. In fact she told Ellen DeGeneres that he dumped her in a what was it? A 27 second phone call? Either way, he got dumped. I wonder why she gets wronged so many times. Honestly- she comes off as an airhead if she never learns from her mistakes and falls for the wrong guys every single time. Apparently there is no limit to being naive. It didn’t last as she stated in Forever and Always.


  • Taylor Lautner



For a change, here Taylor herself is the one who did wrong. She broke up with him and then apologized for it in Back to December. I wonder if this apology was written to seem like she was “genuine” and it isn’t always her who gets “wronged”. I like this picture because it supports the line ‘I watched you laughing from the passenger side’.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal



He broke up with her via text message. Why, Taylor? WHY? Why is it that guys always do that to you? She wrote her feelings in We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, State of Grace, All too Well, Girl at Home and The Moment I Knew.


  • John Mayer



She received criticism from John Mayer after she wrote the infamous Dear John about him. He called it a ‘cheap’ move on her part to do something like that. I ironically love that song but sorry, Taylor- I will have to side with John on this one.


  • Martin Johnson



He is the lead singer of Boys Like Girls. They collaborated on a song and then rumored to have had a brief relationship after that. They broke up for unknown reasons. She wrote Love Story and White Horse about him.


  • Adam Young



They never dated officially but she did have a crush on him and hence wrote Enchanted.


  • Stephen Liles



Taylor wrote Hey Stephen on Stephen Liles. No surprises there! Again- no relationship. It was just a crush or interest from her side.


  • Harry Styles



This is a pretty recent break-up. That means the songs on it will be in the next album. Can’t wait to hear what Taylor has to say about him.



Whoa! That was a long list. I still have to say Taylor is pretty gutsy with having no problems in mentioning who the song is about. Is she sure she has not made enemies by doing that? I know I happen to be among those who are getting tired of hearing about her boyfriends and break-ups. But does that mean we will stop listening to her? Definitely NOT!


As long as Taylor writes good lyrics, I will be here listening to her songs. But I would still be happy to see her settle down with one guy for some time and hope it will bring a positive influence on her.










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