Update post: Kpop, TV shows and Dramas

I did finish Season 3 of LOST last week but I was a bit lazy and also busy to update anything about it. During the weekend I attended the concert of a less known singer and I was entertained. Some people who possess the talent do not make it to the top whereas those with little talent do. This brings me to my ever-KPop obsession: SNSD aka Girls’ Generations.




I have always heard their upbeat songs. The only ballads I had till a few days ago were those that received mass recognition- All My Love is For You and Time Machine. If you haven’t listened to these two songs yet, I ask you to go and do that right now! I love both songs and the videos are amazing. I especially like how colorful and artsy the Time Machine video is. Here are the links:




I was initially pretty impressed by the way they had sung this song. However, ever since my knowledge of Japanese got better I could make out how awful their accent was. They got all the pronunciations wrong except for a handful of words here and there. It got me curious so I went ahead and Googled it up and found that the only one who can actually speak acceptable Japanese is Sooyoung. I also came across a video of SeoHyun speaking Japanese and she sounded fine to me. I am not going to comment on the way other members speak it, because… Well, get the picture: I’ve already stated how bad they are.

Then I happened to be looking for some more nice tunes sung by SNSD when I decided to listen to Oppa Nappa and Into the New World. I have mostly listened to their recent songs till now but I must say I thought those were great songs. In fact, Into the New World is easily among their top 5!

Excuse me for saying this- but I think their sub-group TaeTiSeo is better. Visually the 9 girls are great to look at. Still, I’ve always felt that none of the girls were ever able to show their full potential or the lack of thereof. TaeTiSeo works better because they make mature music and got a bit into Blues style of singing. I strongly recommend you to listen to Baby Steps, Love Sick and Lost in Love. I am head over heels in love with these three songs. I know that Twinkle got the most attention but these three songs are the real jewels. So go and listen to them NOW!





Another Kpop group I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with is Miss A. I have always loved Suzy since watching her in Dream High but I find that she is somewhat debated upon. Lots of comments claim she is overrated. Perhaps she is, perhaps not.

Either way I can’t help but make a small mention of the video Bad Girl, Good Girl by Miss A to support the Suzy debate. I am a bit shocked at how Suzy is acting. I have spoken to people before who thought she was too young to have a kissing scene in Dream High. I’d say she was too young to star in a video such as this (she was 15 or 16 then). Watch for yourself!



Anyway, as for TV shows- I back to the land of dramas! I am still watching LOST but I thought I need to watch something else too. My obsession had become borderline unhealthy. LOL. 😀

I started a new Taiwanese drama called Modern People. So far, it looks good. Updates on that later. 🙂


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