The Great YoonA Debate

Do you listen to Kpop?

Do you know who SNSD is?

If yes to both, then you probably know well enough who YoonA is.




For those who don’t know who YoonA is I will give you a little info:


Im Yoon-Ah is a member of the Korean girl group SNSD. She is a singer, dancer, actress and model. She is a household name in South Korea and appears in a lot of dramas and advertisements. She is apparently popular everywhere and has lots of fans internationally as well.


But, but, but. YoonA is also famous for have a lot of antis. Antis are people of the Kpop fan community who hate share a common dislike of kpop group members or criticize them. To make things clear- I am nobody’s anti. But I do like to debate. Note that debate does not mean bashing.




I think most of the bashing comes from jealous fans. Some jealous people will go as far as saying, “What do I have to be jealous of? She’s ugly and has no talent!”


In that case, I would like to reply that I personally do have things to envy about her.


She is pretty.




I do not think that it’s all make up. Make up can only do so much. If you aren’t naturally beautiful, you can never look beautiful no matter what. I can speak for myself and say I can never look good as she does on camera.


She gets to act alongside Jang Geun Suk! ā¤




I happen to be a very big fan of Jang Geun Suk. To me he is one of the cuttest + hottest Korean actors around. And YoonA starred with him in Love Rain (one of my absolute favorite dramas!). So of course, I can’t help but be a bit envious.


She gets to do modeling with LEE freaking MIN HO




A commercial film with Lee Min Ho is a huge deal. He is one of the most known faces of Asia and the South Korean industry. He has hordes of fangirls and I happen to among them. So again- a tad envious. šŸ˜‰


She can act


I read a lot of criticism about her acting but to me she seems fine. Since Kdrama industry is hardly meaning to make its dramas Golden Globe-worthy, her acting is just that of a typical Korean actress. So- she is good.

In reality, those points hardly count for much. Basically what I meant to say was that she looks good and spends time with hot guys. But is that all? NO. Most definitely not.

YoonA is unlikable in a lot of ways too, right? That is entirely one’s own opinion.


The skirt incident with Tiffany





Whatever her intention was (good or bad), it was not a smart thing to do. If she was concerned she could have spoken to Tiffany in private. And if she did that out of hostility to ’embarrass’ Tiffany, it makes me lose a lot of respect for YoonA. This incident had received all the hype it could get and I always found it to be strange. Either way- it put both YoonA and Tiffany in bad light.


She isn’t the best singer in SNSD



I am a true SONE but can’t help but admit that YoonA isn’t the best singer of the group. Her vocals are weak and she is never given the chance to sing as much as Taeyeon or Jessica. And she never really did anything to prove that she could be good at it which makes me doubtful of her real skills.


She isn’t the best dancer




As far as YoonA’s dancing goes, she is acceptable. But I never see her pulling any out of the ordinary skills like Hyoyeon or Sooyoung.


She IS overrated




Since I am obviously not the biggest YoonA fan in the world I have to say I find her overrated. Doesn’t mean I hate her. Of course not!


She is TOO criticized




Some comments are plain mean. I do not agree with them at all.



YoonA is by no means extraordinary. She is pretty and talented. But she isn’t the best and neither is she as bad as people tend to make her out to be. I am cool with her. If she stars in a new drama I would not hesitate to watch it. And of course- I will keep watching her in music videos and live performances as long as SNSD is alive and I remain a SONE. šŸ™‚


Comment on it!

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