Movie Review: A Philadelphia Story

What’s more perfect than spending a lazy Sunday indoors while watching a classic chick flick? This is how I spent my Sunday. I had a wide variety of options to choose from and I decided to watch this very famous movie called as A Philadelphia Story.

I knew this was an old black and white film but Holy Moly! It came out in 1940! That was before my grandmother was born. Yeah. So just take down how old it exactly is. Anyway- that is not the point. Some movies remain timeless and I couldn’t agree more.




A Philadelphia Story is an entertaining movie of what could be called as the rom com of that era. And yet, it is modern in so many ways. Tracy is a wonderfully colorful protagonist. She is not prissy nor is she very nice. Yet she possesses a desire of being loved- like most women do. She is about to get married but things complicate when her ex-husband enters into the scene to take revenge (or seems like it). But he is not alone. He is accompanied by a reporter who soon she will find herself attracted to.




This is my first in watching Katharine Hepburn in anything. I know I was living on another planet altogether before this but I am back to Mother Earth now so don’t worry. 😉


Of course, I have read endless praises about Katharine’s acting and performances. Now I have even seen it for myself. I think women in those days had an air of sophistication about them which so many now lack. Think Audrey Hepburn, perhaps?! And Katharine delivers a very fun performance with her less-than-perfect character. She makes it enjoyable to watch and all three men are hilarious.


I thought the dialogues were sharp and though some parts of it felt like cliche, its ending was not. She didn’t end up with the guy I supposed she would. If you happen to live on another planet like me or living under a rock, I am sure you don’t know what this movie’s ending is. If that is the case you are in for an unexpected ride. Of course I would have liked if she went with the guy I liked but it would have been a bit unbelievable the way I see it now.


Another thing I happened to love about this movie was the setting of the upper class. It’s always lovely watching such themes which cannot be found in today’s worlds. The old movies always had a charm of their own and a uniqueness which set them apart from the others. Hence, classics will always be classic. Recommended movie for people of all ages. 🙂


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