Characters in LOST Season 3: Thoughts

I am at episode 15 of Season 3 currently, and this one has been more of a ride than the previous ones. It has new characters and the older ones play bigger and more major roles. Let’s begin:

  • Jack Shephard


Jack was locked up and kept isolated. His character has been through a truly difficult time. He has been manipulated and tried to be defeated. But he is not an easy one to break. He pulled through. He is smarter and is using his intelligence for his survival during this season. And he still has the Martyr Syndrome. He is Jack. He will always be willing to sacrifice himself for the others. But he is hell sexy this time around. I think the surgery scene with Ben is one of best moments that’s been there. I have never complained about Matthew’s acting, but this time he really outdid himself. Also, Season 2 was a low time for Jack’s character. There were times his character felt forced and had lost its natural charm. But he is back in full shape this time around. I can’t wait for more Jack time.


  • James “Sawyer” Ford


Some of the highest points of Sawyer’s character have been in this season. He has been given more of a central role and seems to be changing slowly. I like how he never loses his spirit. He is angry, and always remains angry. His sarcastic one-liners are classic and hilarious. There were times my heart broke for him because of the way he loves Kate. He has proved he is not the selfish bastard he appears to be. He is ready to die for Kate and she means a lot to him. What I love most about his character is that there will always be a difference between him and Jack. Jack is all about martyrdom whereas Sawyer is all for his survival. He is left behind when Kate and others go to find Jack, and he remains as funny as ever. And smokin’ hot. I love Holloway’s expressions.


  • Kate Austen


I have both good and bad things to say about this season’s Kate. I love that she is so flawed. On the other hand, her development has been very inconsistent. Kate of this Season is behaving in ways the Kate of previous two seasons wouldn’t have. I didn’t like how much her image was sexualized in the first handful episodes. The cage sex was the absolute low. In spite of this, I can’t help but like her because I’ve been a fan of hers for two seasons. Nobody on this show is perfect, and she might be the one of the most flawed. Perhaps. She is honestly messed up and needs to be fixed. She is impulsive and constantly makes bad decisions. So why should I root for her? It’s because she is capable of caring for others. She has proved how her excessive caring for the others ends up being bad for her and those around her. She has a lot of guilt to carry on her shoulders. So that doesn’t mean she’s completely selfish. I’ll cut her some slack for now. I would have ended up hating her if she had continued her damsel in distress mode for long. The only issue I have with her right now is that she expects that both guys will continue caring for her- especially Jack. She is just assuming she is a very  important person for him (Can’t blame her since Jack’s always acted like that). When she is told that she broke Jack’s heart, her expression was truly of that of someone feeling guilty.


  • Ben Linus


One of the most interesting things about LOST is his character. He is all sorts of crazy and manipulative. He is a gifted guy. He has talents that everyone (including me) underestimated. What’s the awesome thing is that he emerged as a sort of “LEADER” of the Others. He leads them. He has a lot of grey in him, but I believe he isn’t bad. Yes, his ways are twisted and seem cruel but it seems like he is among those who do good by doing bad. If you know what I mean. He makes the show much more interesting than other characters right now. I don’t care about the mysteries or frustrating bits when he is a scene. He has the ability to truly suck me in the situation that he is in. I love his dialogues and it is the best thing the writers ever did to this show. Ben Linus himself could be the one who invented the term ‘Mind Games’. 😀

  • Juliet Burke


Juliet Burke just about puts every other female character on the show to shame. She is another smart, selfish and the sliest of all. I always second guess her intentions. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding her character and her true colors. I believe she is another “good” person who does “bad” things. She is getting closer to Jack and I am loving their interactions. I suppose two doctors were bound to bond well. 😉

  • Sayid Jarrah


I know I’ve posted a weird picture of Sayid. But that episode was just so good, that I couldn’t help myself. I love it that when Sayid is in an episode, he owns the whole thing. There is no matching him. He still remains the one with the haunting past and a person who is capable of  great things. He is complex to the core, but I love decoding him. Every emotion he feels is genuine. He is driven with a past he is not proud of and remains among the smartest characters. Also he never bores me or feels forced. He still has that badass attitude he held in Season 1. Consistency when it comes to his character wins points. And his flashbacks are the most difficult ones to watch because they are so realistic. Naveen Andrews nails his role and gets under the skin of Sayid.

  • Desmond Hume


I became a fan of Desmond in the Season 2 finale. He did well in that particular episode. I find his ability to be freaky. His flashbacks also contain a lot of mystery. I just don’t like the way he calls out ‘Brotha’. Too Scottish, perhaps? (if such a thing is possible).  I like him fine. I expected him to be kickass but for now he is not doing it compared to other characters who are too good to be honest.

Other characters?

Meh. They can fade into the background for all I care. Locke has been less and less interesting since Season 1. Hugo bores me (too much ‘Dude’). Sun and Jin have become forgettable. Charlie always sucked in my opinion. I find Claire standable in this particular Season 2. But all she gives to the story is being a mother. Though I did find the aspect of her being Jack’s half-sister interesting. Waiting to find out more.

My shipping article/views/thoughts?

I have a lot to say on that. I am still deciding on how to put my thoughts on. They keep changing. But the romantic aspects of this season have simply not let me down.


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