My Favorite Characters on LOST (so far)

Considering it has only been a season and a half that I’ve got to watch till now, my opinions are bound to change. Maybe they might not. Never have I ever witnessed so many great, awesome, cool and over-the-top characters on a TV show before. Anyway, my opinion is solid for these people and here are my favorite characters on Lost. (Contains spoilers)

  • Jack Shephard


One of the main reasons I fell for Lost was because I fell for Jack. I have a thing for doctors and maybe that is why I developed a love for this man immediately. But- that’s not all. I love a lot of things about him. He is a kind, compassionate and a complex person. In the beginning he seemed too good to be true. But as the series went on, I got to see that he was just as flawed as the others. He had a troubled past and issues that made him the way he was. In spite of all that, his sincerity and empathy for people is what I love most about him. I have to say not only does he possess the skills of a great doctor, but also of a great human being. He is noble and sort of sacrificial. He is concerned about every one on the island. He is the perfect gentleman and a friend anyone would want to have. His character reminds me of the greatness of Peter Parker aka Spider-man- seemingly ordinary and yet so conflicted and flawed inside. Both have heroic traits in common. All these place him in one of the highest ranks of my all-time favorite characters of a TV show. And of course- Matthew Fox’s hotness is an added advantage. In Season 2 so far, I have to say that he seems to be a lot more complicated than he seemed in Season 1. I am Team Jack on Lost.

  • Kate Austen


Prior to starting this show, I read several articles and comments and I grew aware of what I like to call as ‘Kate-hate’. Till now I didn’t feel an ounce of hate for her character. I loved her for being tough in Season 1 and in Season 2 her complicated past is making me root for her. She has had a seriously screwed-up life. She has made a lot of decisions which changed her life as we can see from the flashbacks. I have to say she is a pretty strong female. She has been treated like crap all her life and yet manages to be compassionate and caring for others. I loved the relationship she shared with Jack in Season 1 and I’m loving her with Sawyer in Season 2. I normally do end up despising female leads that depend on guys too much, but I don’t see Kate being like that. She somehow stands on her own. But before she falls into a relationship with someone, she has a lot to work on about herself. It has started to show how very messed up her character is. I am glad the writers didn’t rush her into any relationship in Season 1 and that made her believable. I believe complicated people need to change before they can be in relationships, otherwise all they do is cause pain to others. Her character has a lot of growing up to do. All I can say is her flaws make me love her.

  • James Sawyer


I took a couple of episodes to start liking Sawyer. In the beginning, there was nothing likable about him because he seemed so selfish. Now that is the main reason I grew to love him. He is a totally the guy I want to empathize with. His bad boy ways and Southern accent makes me go ‘Holly Molly’. Another character with an utterly bad life is him. I love that he hides under that snark and sarcasm. His character development has been amazing so far. I love characters like his. I find myself laughing at all of his witty one-liners and when he gets worked up about small things, you can’t help but ROFL. He lives in self-loathing and thinks he is not worthy of anyone’s love. As a con man, I find his manipulative skills very believable. He is the kind of person that reminds you that life sucks, and you gotta live with that- be it by denial, drinking or flirting with every woman you meet. But the fact is that he is damaged underneath that. He once says that he has never been in love and that is what totally made me Team Sawyer. When he started showing signs of falling for Kate, I was like ‘Screw Jate. I’m totally shipping them now!’. Plus have you seen Josh Holloway? This guy has the best dimples I have ever seen in a man.

  • John Locke


Where should I start about John Locke? Hell, this guy is mysterious. Almost as much as the island that they are all in. His ‘faith’ really changed things for him. He is smart, shrewd and sly. He is talented at a lot of things and most of the people owe their survival to this guy. He is the man you turn to for advice. He is the one you count will keep you safe. And- he seems to know what the best thing would be. He’s great at everything. His life wasn’t sweet in any way and I always guess that he got his wisdom from his experience. He reminds me of someone like Dumbledore or Gandalf from those fantasy books I grew up reading. Haha!

  • Sayid Jarrah


Sayid Jarrah freaks me out. He is so good, he scares me. Out of all the characters in Lost his is the darkest character. His past is so haunting that it always ends up making my heart beat faster. As an Iraqi soldier turned torturer, he probably did the worst deeds of all. Not just that he is a crazy genius. He is good with all electronic and computer items. There isn’t a thing Sayid can’t fix. LOL. Anyway- I find his past to have been the worst. Others seem like… normal if I were to compare them to him. But it is not a matter of comparison. It is how he is that sets him apart from every one else. He seems very logical and calculative lots of times. He is very humane in spite of the inhumane things he did in his past. Also, he has had his fair share of tragedy on the island too. And his survival skills are commendable. Of course- Naveen Andrews is a terrific actor and really gets into his role.

  • Hugo “Hurley” Reyes


You know why I like Hurley? He is a normal guy. Completely. While other characters have their talents, he has none. The way he acts and talks is so very real. I love the way he talks. Most of his speech includes the phrases, ‘Dude…’ and I end up laughing out loud. He isn’t the best looking guy either. He knows he is fat and has his issues, but is so nice. I don’t remember him being a jerk to anybody on the island. His life prior to crashing was pretty easy, lazy and fun until his ‘bad luck’ began. Most of the stuff he says is exactly like I would or any person like us would. For me- Hurley is the most relatable and realistic character of all.  And he is so much of an American. All he has to do is open his mouth and he oozes his American-ism (in a good way, of course!).

  • Sun-Hwa Kwon


Originally, I had no respect for her. It seemed like she was a female who only let herself get victimized by her husband. But it was not all. After she opens up, we see that she is smart and her knowledge is crucial for lots of people. She acts the way she does for her husband out of all. And slowly, I began to realize that her husband is also not a bastard after all. I have to praise Sun for her consistent nice behavior. She is the sort of friend I would like to have because she seems so level-headed and patient. At the same time, she is one of the strongest female characters of the show.

As for the characters that I didn’t mention- consider that I do not like them or do not care enough. There are some seriously annoying ones too and a couple of whose death I didn’t feel for. That’s all for now!


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