My LOST addiction: Part 1

There was a time when I was in middle school and every time I turned on E! News, there were promos and spoilers relating to this mega popular show called Lost. A time came when I started noticing its presence on my television screen every week and its growing fame worldwide. I thought I should watch it, but let it slide. A show about survivors of a plane crash living on a weird, supposedly dangerous did not seem so tempting to my 13 year-old self. I had better things to worry about then.

Then came seasons after seasons, but I never got around to watching the show. Maybe a few times, I turned on the channel when it was on but never really understood. I decided it was a lame show and that I had better things to do. Yeah, right.

Now almost 7 years later and more than 2 years after the show ended, I decided, ‘Oh. This looks okay and interesting. Mystery, eh? Mmmm. Perhaps I should watch this. Just ONE episode. The pilot must be lame anyway’. So I happen to casually download the pilot one fine Sunday and right within FIVE freaking minutes I was engrossed. Is there a word that is of a higher degree than engrossed? Substitute that word over here. It would be an understatement otherwise. Now I freaking can’t get over this baby. It’s not simply a tv show for me. Not anymore, nor will it ever be. I have not been in love with a show this much since I first saw Grey’s Anatomy. Actually, this show has surpassed everything I have ever watched. No kidding. I am a complete LOST addict now.


With my college and classes and everything, the time I am not watching this show I find myself thinking about it. Or obsessing is more like it. I can’t begin to tell you why I love this show so much. If I were to sum up every good thing about it, it would be too long and probably take me all night to write it down.

This show is unique. It is unpredictable and full of so many surprises (good or bad), that I can’t help but stay engaged. It has elements in it I love and have always loved. I should say this is the kind of show I have been looking for since quite some time. I wonder where I was shut up these past years. Actually, I am glad I am watching it now after all the craziness about it died and the show ended at the sixth season (I know how crazy things were back then, alright?!).

So far I am a bit more than midway of Season 2. The journey this show is taking me on has been amazing so far. It is not only character-driven, plot-driven and revolving around mystery, it delves into deep issues and explores a lot more than what can be seen on the surface. I think I will save that for the later posts on this show.

I will have posts on my favorite characters so far and one on the ships of this show! Stay tuned.


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